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CPHR New Brunswick members save 10% on the following HRdownloads services:

  • HR Fundamentals
  • Live HR Advice
  • Online Employee Training
  • Surveys and Forms
  • Policy Manual Wizard
  • Job Description Generator
  • HR Complete - Save even more when you purchase an HR Complete™ membership!
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We've got more of what you need to get the job done

Breadth of content

Breadth of content

With Canada’s leading library of HR documents, we’re sure to
have what you need. We have thousands of policies, letters, checklists, and templates built
for you.

Ulimited usge

Unlimited usage

Unlike your phone plan, there are no limits to the number of downloads you can have. Everything with us is unlimited, so you can find exactly what you need (and more).

Army of experts

Army of experts

Our team of HR professionals work together to create the best content to support all your HR tasks.

Best in class platform

Best-in-class platform

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, we’ve created a best-in-class platform to help support you with your everyday tasks.

Our HR Tools

HR Fundamentals®
Get unlimited access to thousands of HR documents, templates, compliance management resources, HRdirector® articles, and more! Feel supported and stay on top of HR.
Store our customizable documents or add your own in our best-in-class HRIS. Send assignments, track progress, and maintain employee data all within our platform!
Online Employee Training
One price gets you unlimited 
access to over 150 courses developed by HR professionals. Get the required courses you need and soft skills
training you want.
Live HR Advice
Live HR Advice
Receive unlimited on-demand phone support from a team of tenured HR professionals who can help you with any HR question, big or small.

Policy Manual Wizard
Interactive software that generates policy manuals based on your answers to our questions. Spend valuable time on more productive tasks.

Job Description
Job Description Generator
Simply create comprehensive and compliant job descriptions with the help of our templates and ready-made-inserts.
Surveys and Forms
Build and send surveys fast to gather the answers you need. Gather real-time employee or customer feedback to gain valuable insights.
Time and Attendance
Time and Attendance
Manage time-off requests and 
employee schedules easily with our flexible and easy-to-use Time and Attendance platform.

Or Why Not Have It All?

HR Complete®
Invest in the success of your people and organization with our most comprehensive bundle, where all of our services are integrated and designed to work together.

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